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What Are You Living For?

In the midst of all your busy life's activities, have you ever stopped to consider what you are really striving for? What are your goals and aspirations? Some people are caught off guard by this question, while others readily offer a response like one of these:

"I'm working hard to secure my financial future."
"My family. I live for my family."
"I take pleasure in my career."
"I try to be a good person and just enjoy life."
"I party a lot; what else is there?" Read more


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Is This All There Is?
Has the thought ever crossed your mind, "There's GOT to be more to life than this!" I mean, think of it! The years of our childhood were so fleeting. It seemed that in NO time we found ourselves responsible for supporting ourselves and perhaps others as well. Every day finds us doing the same thing—the same monotonous routine! Read more

"I'll never get out of this world alive"
So goes the refrain of a song written by country music legend Hank Williams, Sr....Amusing as these words are, they are so true, and the song reveals an attitude that I'm afraid is all too common among people. Read more

Have you ever wondered if there is more to life than what meets the eye? Do life's hectic, stressful demands have you searching for something to make it all worthwhile? Or were you riding along quite comfortably down life's road, only to be stopped by someone who handed you a pamphlet and really got you thinking about a bigger picture—one you may be missing?

Maybe you've begun to search for this "bigger something" in life, only to realize you have too many unanswered questions, and you're ready to give them up as the casualties of a thought process carried too far. Your questions outnumber answers by a disturbing margin.

It doesn't have to be this way. We hope you don't give up just yet. Please take time to read some of the articles here on this web site. We've written them, selected them, and posted them here for your benefit, and we would be happy to correspond with you and answer any questions you may have. Our sincere desire is that God will use these articles to draw you into his word, the Bible. There you will find the answers to life's most important questions. These answers cannot be found within yourself; they are not even found through "religion." Indeed, they can only be found through a relationship with the loving and holy God who created you. Through knowing God personally, you will find true, lasting peace and a whole new meaning and purpose in life.

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